LISSX is creating an ecosystem through which individual corporations, regulators, and institutions (including the largest entities in the world) will enjoy a frictionless way to participate in the massive and misunderstood life settlement market.

LISSX is an operational exchange platform for the trading of life insurance policies, known as life settlements, in the primary, secondary, and tertiary markets across multiple countries.

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What Is A Life Settlement?

The sale of a life insurance policy to a 3rd party for a percentage of the face value, bigger than the cash value but less than the death benefit.

The purchaser assumes all future premiums payments and receives the death benefit upon the death of the insured.

Valuing A Life Settlement

  • Evaluate health conditions.
  • Underwrite for health rating category.
  • Predict future life expectancy through analysis.
  • Determine future payments.
  • Subtract future payments from death benefit.
  • Determine net asset value.

Our Life Settlement Ecosystem

LISSX spent 4 years figuring out how to simplify the process on behalf of brokers, sellers, buyers, and investors to make a streamlined process for Life Settlement trading within current regulations and financial systems. The current system simply does not have the necessary components to facilitate efficient, safe, compliant trading of life settlements.

With LISSX creating a new financial exchange, that is now possible for the first time in history.


The current ecosystem is none existent for the average person to sell their policy, or for individuals and funds buy them.


Our Ecosystem

LISSX fulfills the entire life cycle of life settlements to enable quick, efficient, universal methods of capturing all the variables needed to sell and buy life settlements.

On Our Platform
Both Sides Benefit

We setup our entire ecosystem to benefit all parties involved. This creates a low barrier of entry to ensure the exchange can grow quickly, while protecting all participants across the globe.


  • New options when people can no longer afford their premium payments.
  • The beneficiary no longer needs the death benefit.
  • Person no longer needs, affords or wants the policy, so they use the money for personal expenses or investment.
  • A broker will maintain their commission for their portfolio of life insurance policies and a commission for every policy sold in the trust.


  • Steady investment asset.
  • Returns are between 10% - 18% annually with a A-AAA credit rated portfolios.
  • Opportunity to help people not to lose an available instrument.
  • No correlation between other investments such as stocks, bonds, debt, etc.

Why Buyers Invest

Life settlements introduced into an overall asset allocation matrix, provides diversity into a portfolio as an A-AAA uncorrelated investment with low risk, low volatility, and superior returns. The life insurance industry is one of the largest financial markets in the world. In the USA alone, this equates to over $20.4 Trillion (of face value) actively open on policies issued. Annually in the USA, $119 Billion in face value lapses every year.

Globally $1 Trillion in face value lapses annually.

Life Settlements:
Zero Correlation Asset Class

Life settlements introduced into an overall asset allocation matrix, provides diversity into a portfolio as an A-AAA uncorrelated investment with low risk, low volatility, and superior returns.

Life settlements offer Zero Correlation to other asset classes.

Strategic Partners

LISSX has partnered with top tier, world class companies that help complete our vision of bringing a new financial exchange to market. They believe that a new financial exchange based on zero correlation assets will be a change the financial world across the globe. With decades of combined experience in financial tech and modeling, they fulfill our platform to work now and for a long time to come.

Legal Partner

At Holland & Knight, we put our legal knowledge to work for you in a practical manner. We know that in order to be the best value to you, we must first provide personalized solutions tailored to your needs. With more than 1,300 lawyers in our U.S. and international offices and legal colleagues in over 40 countries around the world, Holland & Knight serves clients globally. Our clients recognize the ability of our firm to consistently provide excellent value in a variety of areas that range from commercial litigation, regulatory matters, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and government advocacy.

Technical Partner

Conflux has created one of the largest pipes for blockchain transactions on the planet, meaning they have built a network that verifies more data transactions than the vast majority of others in the blockchain space. This allows for ~3500 transactions per second (TPS), with final confirmation taking ~20 seconds. Founded by a team that are academically sound and awards for their ingenuity through ACM gold medal winnings, and the only Chinese Turing Award winner to date. Their approach is to organize data (blocks in blockchain) extremely efficiently from the start to keep TPS much higher than average and confirmation times as low as possible.

Technical Partner

Block Science is an engineering, research and development, and analytics firm focused on the design and analysis of complex networks. Our focus is to build a bridge that makes the interdisciplinary study of socio-technical networks accessible to new and legacy businesses, allowing them to understand and participate in the emerging decentralized economy enabled by blockchain technology. Integrating academic-grade research with advanced analytics for the emerging economic order.

Technical Partner

MetaFluent is a software product development company with particular expertise in the development of low-latency data integration and distribution platforms for application development. MetaFluent’s products are used in the trading operations of investment banks and also in large enterprise environments with complex data integration requirements. They apply their approach of building industry standard software interfaces that have been used for over 10 years, with 50-100 applications, and 0 changes to the interface for one of the largest investment banks in the world.

Technical Partner

Ghost Drive focuses on approaching data storage for individuals in a new way, only possible within the last few years with technological advances. Using multi-layer security that spans biometrics, geographical location, decentralizing a single file into multiple chunks and individually encrypting them, and recovery methods that take voice, facial, and fingerprint identification.

The layer those mechanisms run on are founded in blockchain for decentralized verification, globally distributed data centers, and machine learning that moves a user’s data with them through the globe to keep access times higher than standard cloud services. As the user accesses their data, machine learning intelligently redistributes the chunks of the user’s files to the right data centers. The effect of this approach is decreased access times while ensuring the file(s) is never in only one place making redundancy automatic and access guaranteed.

Technical Partner

Instance provisioning, hardening, security actions, code promotion, load balancing, backup, recovery, and other core development support operations. They are one of the keys to ensuring platforms built are federally compliant, secure across borders, and facilitate deep use cases that take a sophisticated team to execute.

Security Partner

Penetration Testing (hacking) and Vulnerability Scan Detection with predictive analytics in countermeasures of weaknesses based on attempts and global trends. InPath uses security tools engineered internally, but also one of the few private entities with access to federally regulated tools powerful enough to be very tightly regulated and rarely given access outside of federal intelligence communities.

Medical Partner

MediQō is a medical service and information platform with scheduling of service in APP technologies for paramedical services performed at the seller’s home at a time they request. MediQō facilitates the collection of medical history information and a physician statement. Blood and urine testing at national accredited laboratories through Mexico. Tests include 27 Elements blood chemistry, HIV 1-2, AG P24 De HIV1, Drug Abuse Profile, Electrocardiogram, Glycosylated Hemoglobin (BH-A1C).

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